Holiday Cards Made Easy

It’s beginning to look a lot like….! Ok, maybe I’m a little early but it’s definitely a good time to start prepping your cards and gifts for the holiday season.  Let’s face it, as cheerful and fun as the holiday season is, sometimes finding the right gifts or even just mailing out cards can become a little overwhelming.  Well not this year!  This year I’ll be sending gifts and personalized cards from my digital Studio account.

What I love about creating personalized cards in Studio is that there are some many options that I can be as eccentric or as simple as I want. I never have to worry about what’s appropriate for whom because I can customize everything.  Once I’m happy with my what I’ve created, it can be shipped directly to my recipient. That’s it…done!  That was easy!

So what if you’re not creative?  No problem!  Studio has so many pre-made templates (designs) that you could just send as-is or use our drag-and-drop feature to add your own personal touch; And if you do decide you want try out your creative streak, you can always use Studio’s extensive digital art library to embellish your project.  There is always new art being added to the digital library; Check out this video for some of the newest digital art available.


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